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Heart Transplant

As I was reading my devotion this morning something hit me.  I recognize that Bill (Cycleguy) and Martha (Meditation of my Heart) are my primary commenters.   However, I do see where my page does get some occasional additional hits.

I'll be honest, my purpose for blogging was not for readers, though that is a bonus.
The purpose of my blog was not to have comments, again a nice bonus.

The purpose of my blog was to keep me moving forward.  Several years ago Bill and a number of other men started out reading and sharing comments via email.  This helped to pull me out of a funk I had been in and begin taking steps forward.   This continued for nearly two years until it was primarily Bill and myself. 

Bill had also provided a number of books for me to read which has helped me to keep moving forward.  Several have been authored by Paul David Tripp and a SHELTER in the time OF STORM has been my primary devotional for this blog.

Martha has been a steady reader and commenter to my blog and…

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