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The Sour Notes of the World

Continuing my read this morning after a skip day.  No excuses, just didn't feel right posting what wasn't coming from the heart.  This morning a change of direction was felt.

I started writing in my thoughts first this morning before any reading, before prayer, before anything else.   It was dismal, it was hopelessness.

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote...
My struggle continues, struggle to get up, struggle to work, struggle to continue.  I don't have a good reason why, I am not dealing with anything major at the moment.  Work seems to be going ok, My biggest issue of the moment seems self-induced.  I am just losing drive, losing stamina, losing perseverance, Not sure why.  So what now?  

I continue on with negativity for awhile, until I stop and decide to read my devotion that I read on Monday... and it hit me.

The Sour Notes of the World.

As I read the first page of the chapter, it is about the melody of a world lost and without God, broken, weak, full of pain, hurt, di…

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