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Reading through my devotion this morning and struggling. 
I had a pretty eventful day yesterday, but not in a positive way.

I suspect we all have triggers.  Something that really gets us fired up and agitated.
I know I have several, but one that is more pronounced than others is neglecting ones responsibility.
It really fires me up when that neglect results in ME having to "clean up the mess"

Interestingly, this isn't about family or friends, it is work related... but the one thing it pointed out to me was that I didn't get fired up until it impacted ME.

So how does this tie in to the devotion this week...

Your one thing will become that which shapes and directs your responses to the situations and relationships of your daily life.
And it did.  My response to the "inconvenience" was not good.   No, I didn't quit, but I expressed my opinion on the matter.  Was I justified, perhaps.  Was what I said true, probably.  Was my reaction appropriate, perhaps b…

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