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Last Post

I want to thank those who have subscribed and posted for the last year.

I will continue to comment on the blogs I have found and if you have a blog that I have not been commenting on... feel free to leave in the comments.  I will definitely stop by.

One closing thought...

Seasons come and go... and like the seasons, life does as well.  I have resided in a number of states and met a lot of great people.  I have attended a number of churches within those states and there are some that are friendly, some that are not.  As the seasons of life change, we have a choice to make.  We can embrace the change or we can fight it.  I have realized that fighting can be futile at times.

Some changes are simply meant to be... Some changes, like the seasons, cannot be held back.

So as I enter a new season... I pray that you would be well.  That you would fight the good fight.  That you would reflect the light of our God in Heaven through love, truth, and grace.

So long until we meet again.

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