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Unsafe God

After reading the chapter for a second time, I started to ponder what Safe actually means for a Christian.  

The very definition of safe is to not be exposed to danger or risk, to not suffer harm or loss.
I am not sure this really applies to the Christian... At least not in this life.

Loss is expected, harm can occur, danger and risk can be common place for some who have given themselves to Christ.

Just take a look at the first generation Christians... the apostles, they were not safe, just the opposite.  Most suffered as much as Christ physically, though Christ separation from His Father was the ultimate suffering I am sure.

No, we are not given a promise to be kept safe.

We are given a promise that our future is secure.

God himself is not safe... If God were safe, what would there be to fear?

This reminds me of a line from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe where Susan is told by Mr. Beaver that the Lion is not safe, but he is good...

The mere presence of God is unsafe to those …

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