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Back From School

This past weekend, I decided that a retreat was in order.   I am not sure why it is called a retreat to be honest... I battled more with myself during these weekends than any time throughout the year.
Maybe that is not the way it should be, but in my case, I come back exhausted on one end, but renewed on the other.

My first "retreat" was last year around this time.   I spent time alone in a cabin on a lake.  I read, prayed, listened to audio-books, worshiped, prayed some more, cried, prayed some more, hiked... while praying, listening to an audio-book, and worshiped,  sat by the campfire... while praying, listening to an audio-book, and worshiped...

Trust me when  I say that I am not overly spiritual.  This was out of necessity and coming to the end of myself.

This year was a bit different...

For one, the location was different.  I failed to make reservations early enough and the cabins were all booked up.  As of Tuesday last week, I did not have a place to stay, however, my…

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