A Father's Arms

Growing up in a broken home, I did not find myself looking to my dad as one who would provide security to me.  I know many sons and daughters do.  I would like to think my own children through the years have looked to me for some level of security. 

I remember taking the family to an amusement park one summer.  The kids were young with my oldest being not much older than 6 or 7.  We had just finished an indoor ride and as the doors to the building swung open, the blindness of the sun and the swarm of people exiting into an even deeper crowd of people meandering their way through the traffic jam that had resulted. As the group I was with "regrouped" just outside the mass of people, I realized my son was nowhere to be seen. 

We immediately jumped into action.  I asked the group to stay right where they were just in case my son was still making his way through the crowd.  I decided to push through the crowd and work my way into the opposite direction that we had turned.  As I scanned the crowd looking, my heart was racing, though I was not overly panicked.

I finally came upon another crossroad in the path where I could see a small child standing at a distance facing what appeared to be an amusement park employee.  As I approached, I called out his name and he turned to face me.  The look of concern immediately washed away as he ran up to me with his arms outstretched.  I lifted him off the ground and held him tight as the employee asked if I was the child's father.  We both smiled and nodded.  I thanked the young man and hurried back to our group.

Unlike God, I had no idea where my son had wandered to.  Unlike God, I could not comfort him from afar, provide protection, or bring him back.  I had to go looking. The comfort and security, however, that my son felt as I held him in my arms are not unlike that we can feel when in the presence of our heavenly father.  

I am secure because our Father in heaven has the power to follow through on all His promises and he will never leave my side.  Even when I lost and confused, he is there.  I just need to turn my face to him and jump into His loving arms.


  1. Wonderful illustration of God' s unwavering faithfulness toward us. But are you sure you are glad you found Dominick? :) j/k of course. I am glad I have a Father who searched me out, found me, saved me, and now secures me to His side.

  2. Nothing more frightening than losing your child in a crowd! So glad that God never loses sight of us; His arms are ever ready to embrace us.
    Blessings, Ryan!


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