Day 4 - Chapter 3 -- Calibration

I do not find it a coincidence that my thoughts today regarding my reading again of Chapter 3 were on Wisdom.   I have written about unrealistic expectations, independence, preparation... etc...
I find myself now looking for a place to calibrate.

Certain tools and machines require calibration to function properly.  A car that is not tuned will not drive well, a measuring device that is not tuned will not provide the proper readings.  An instrument that is not tuned will produce hideous sounds.  A person not tuned... well, look around and look in the mirror. 

I know I have seriously neglected tuning... The question is how to tune, where do I go.
After reading through Chapter 3 again, I do not find it a coincidence that my thoughts were directed toward the Wisdom of God...   Tripp outlines that our need for Grace is required to love the people around us... The people we are in relationship with.  He indicates there is more...
That more... The Word of God... The source of Wisdom.
Tripp associates His comment with Psalm 119... "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." ESV
The wisdom of God will allow me to navigate my relationships... 

So back to what I don't believe is a coincidence... 
Bill's Post on Proverbs.  What better place to go seek wisdom on relationships.

I think it's time to incorporate Proverbs into my daily reading.  It would do me well when looking to calibrate myself for the day.


  1. Yeah...that meddlesome book of Proverbs. All would be a whole lot better in my world if that silly book was not constantly convicting me to recalibrate. :) i took the whole of 2018 off from both Psalms and Proverbs in my daily reading and now that I'm back its like a whole new world. I have committed to reading through Proverbs 6 times this year (every other month) and Psalms as many times this year as happens. I need to recalibrate and Proverbs does that. Thanks for the shout out also. U da man!

    1. I think that sounds like a good idea - and your welcome on the shout out...good stuff.

  2. Such a great reflection, Ryan. We do need to calibrate our hearts and souls on a daily basis so we can be perfectly tuned to hear God's words of wisdom and obey.

    1. Thanks Martha... appreciate the feedback. I try to make the calibration a daily basis at a minimum at this point... I can be unpleasant otherwise. Sometimes I need to stop throughout the day and have a gut (spirit) check... About 30 minutes ago actually... Thankful for grace!


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