False Security

False Security is the feeling of being safer than one really is.

P. D. Tripp describes the multiple ways in which people attempt to "secure" their lives.

Perhaps we save money for retirement or for emergencies.   Nothing wrong with it, but investments can take a dive and the cost of emergencies exceed the amount saved.

Perhaps we work out, become fit, and attempt to be healthy.  Again nothing wrong with it, but injury, genetics, contagion, or age can render us unable to do the activities we enjoy.

Perhaps we spend time nurturing our relationships, building an "inner circle" to help us through tough times or provide us with accountability and wisdom.  A good thing, but people move due to jobs, circumstance, family, etc.  People change, we may even lose our inner circle to death.

No amount of books, relationship, cars, homes, toys, exercises or activities can bring us the security that only God can provide.  All the things above are temporary.  They all exist on a horizontal plane with ourselves in our broken world.  The only real security that exists comes from above.  It comes from the creator that knows all, sees all, controls all, and can repair all.

If I look for security in the things around me... it will be false.  It will let me down.  Just like a good home security system, even they become dated and deteriorate over time.

I look forward to another read of the chapter tomorrow.


  1. I know in NMM Tripp is often mentioning the vertical/horizontal view. The only one which is lasting and good is vertical. That is where our true security comes from. Good thought here Ryan. I'm loving it that you are learning and growing.

    1. I also see the vertical/horizontal theme, no doubt... it is true. It boils down to creator or creation... I need to remind myself to choose the one that offers the eternal security. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Yes, Ryan, God is our only true security system. While all the other things you mention here are important, nothing can replace His love, support, comfort, and grace.

    1. I agree with you Martha, all are important, just have their limitations as they cannot replace what you listed... Only God can provide that unconditionally and eternally.


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