I am going to make a bold statement...
EVERYONE on this earth is affected by God's Grace...

That applies to those who believe, who do not believe, to all religions, ethnicity, nationalities, young, old, strong, weak, good, bad... makes no difference.

How is that?  How can that statement be true.

I believe that our mere existence is a strong example of God's grace.   By being allowed to live in this world and have an opportunity to live out our purpose is an example of God's grace.

Grace often goes unrecognized.  As I read the same Chapter, "Breathing Violence", this week... The purpose I believe the author was working to convey was to appreciate God's grace, one must recognize how broken this world and the people within it truly are.

The past several posts have focused in on several of the example Tripp had provided, however, they all point to one purpose.  To magnify the grace that continually rains from the Heart of God and that is poured onto this earth and into our lives.

Without grace, the world would be in continued chaos.   As I pointed out in an earlier post, The hearts of men were evil continually.  What keeps that from returning... God's grace.  Sure there are examples today of people doing terrible things, one might even suggest that there are some that are pure evil.
Imagine an entire world of pure evil, now stop... it's not a a pretty sight.

I restate my opening thought, Everyone on this earth is affected by God's Grace...
It is up to the individual how they choose to accept it and embrace it.


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