Life-Long Student

A short post this morning.

After reading through the same chapter 5 times this week... I realized something.
Each time I read the short chapter of 2 pages, I pulled more out of it each time.
Little nuggets that kept feeding me as I made my way through the author's words.

Today... That little nugget was around what discourages me from continuing my efforts to be being a life long student.  The one item I read over today, discouraged by the troubles of this world and the lack of change in myself.

Why would I want to continue down a road that seems so futile.  The world does seem to be getting less and less tolerant, more hateful, and more vulgar.  Discipline seems to be in the minority at times.
All of this coupled with the lack of "change" I recognize in myself.  Why continue to read, study, become better.

To be honest, I am sure if i were to ask my family, (which I should do by the way), they would be able to identify differences in me since I began this process.  Looking back and reflecting on a not too distant past of myself, I can remember the anger, the frustration, the depressing thoughts I carried about life.  My life and those around me were being negatively impacted.

I started nearly two years ago to committing to doing a devotion nearly every day.  I started with a small group of men and we would email our thoughts to one another after reading the same devotion.
It helped immensely.  It put me on a path that I am glad I was willing to take.  I developed a positive habit and from that habit a second, journaling.

Two takeaways from this chapter...
1) I need to reduce the waste in my life so I can use that time to continue my lifetime of learning
2) An area I will be focusing on to learn more about... Grace of God... I know what I think it means... but I think i need to dive deeper.

Have a great Sunday!


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