My Insecurity System

Over the past few days, as I have read chapter 5, I have managed to once again gloss over a paragraph without fully taking it in.  I have no idea how, I have no idea why it jumped out this morning, except for the fact as I read once more, I was looking for new nuggets, new gems, new veins of Gold that could be extracted from the mine of Chapter 5.

What I found was this...
"Or maybe you have no security system at all."
I have been there... or at least I felt like i was there.
When the world feels like it is crashing down around you and you are simply living each day trying to avoid another mine.  P.D. Tripp points out the thoughts and feelings that can be associated with the feeling of insecurity.  Living a life of fear, concern and dread.  Over analyzing decisions past, present, and future.  Living a life of regret.  Then this statement...

"Perhaps you give yourself way too much credit for the development of your story"

Uncomfortable pause...

Yes, I think I do give myself too much credit, both good and bad.  Perhaps there is a higher power that is moving in and around and through me.  Perhaps there is more to this life than just me and those around me.  

Of course I believe the higher power I speak is God... but do I live as if I believe it?
That is key in breaking through insecurity.


  1. I may be wrong and am willing to be corrected but I think a lot of our insecurity is based on our identity. If we base it one what others perceive us or how we even perceive ourselves based on others, then we will be terribly insecure. But if I see my identity in Christ and what He thinks I can find security. But in all honesty, I bank way too much on what I perceive from others or myself. So insecurity can rage if I'm not in "line with God's thinking."

    1. Your thoughts on insecurity being based on our identity I think has merit. I often think I spiritual amnesia at times and just simply "forget" that God really is in control.. I am sure that is closely tied to my identity.

  2. I think it is our human frailty that allows us to give ourselves the credit for all things, good and bad. We conveniently forget our God, who is large and in charge. Ryan, there is so much more to our lives than ourselves and those around us. May we all live as we believe, trusting that God can, and will, take care of all our insecurity.
    Blessings, my friend!

    1. I think the frailty of us does play a part as well. In our current form I am weak, but often like to make myself out to be strong. When I do "achieve" something, I often take more credit than I should... at least in my own mind. When things go awry... If my expectation is that I can pull myself out and leaving God on the sideline (at least in my heart), has resulted in significant insecurity. The great thing is that even in my insecurity, God is there.
      Thanks for the comment!


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