My Kingdom

Another day, another read and processing of Chapter 2.

I am reading my 3rd book/devotion authored by Paul Tripp.
One recurring theme in his books that I have seen in all 3 is this idea of establishing our own little kingdom in which the rules and laws are self serving and we do our best to maintain the status quo and grow our little kingdom.

This chapter is no different and Tripp describes how the fallen-ness (my made up word) of man lends itself to this idea of creating a little kingdom where the world revolves around me.  People are expected to do as we want, to follow the rules I have made, and to "improve" my kingdom.
When people choose to not participate or perhaps try to "invade" the space of our kingdom, we either ignore them, get angry, feel sad, or in worst cases, get violent.

The idea makes a lot of sense to me.  I can look at my life and see times where my outburst or attitude was a direct result of things just not going my way.  My little king sized tantrum.
This is simply my self-serving attitude coming through.

As a parent, there is a challenge in this.  What am I requesting of my children out of a desire for them to mature and do the right things, vs simply wanting things to run smooth for my sake.

As a boss, what am I doing to maintain control vs striving to have a cohesive work environment.

As a husband, what am I doing or not doing to establish my expectations within the relationship vs being self-sacrificing.

Many facets to ponder today.


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