Realistic Expectations

Monday morning and a new chapter from a Shelter in the time of Storm.

Tripp provides some insight in this chapter as it pertains to the brokenness of the world... the brokenness in people... and the brokenness of me... and how it pertains to relationships.

Relationships are tough... no doubt.  People disappoint, people cause discomfort, people cause pain.
Bitterness involves people, Jealousy involves people, Anger involves people, Conflict involves people.

No way around it... if you are dealing with people, you will be hurt.   But this was not the way it was supposed to be.   In a perfect world, this would not be the case.  In a world that lacked brokenness, relationships would be perfect.

The problem Tripp outlines... is we typically put expectations of perfection on others when engaging in any relationship whether it be casual, personal, professional, or anything in between.
We expect people to come through. We expect promises to be kept.  We expect things to go as.... we intend.   And there is the rub.

I am broken also... I cause hurt, I cause pain, I cause disappointment.

So, in any relationship, we have two broken people that typically expect a relationship to go a certain way in their own eyes.  Expectations are set... and boom! One or both of the parties fails to meet the expectation of the other.

This is where forgiveness and grace come in.   And setting realistic expectations... up front.
Many times assumptions are made and that is where we fail.  We set ourselves up for failure by not communicating the expectations up front.  Even when communicating expectations up front, there will still be disappointments because we are both broken.

What I gathered this morning... I need to show the same level of forgiveness and grace in my relationships with others that God has shown for me.... and....  set realistic expectations.

Have a great morning!


  1. I agree with the idea of expectations. What I found is I often expect more of other people than I do of myself. Bad bad move. It takes the onus off of me and places it squarely on that person. I need to be more insightful about myself. Good post Ryan. I look forward to reading more and learning more.

    1. Thanks Bill, appreciate the comment. I look forward to learning more as well.


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