Recognizing the Corruption

I am starting my new week today through my trek through a Shelter in the time of Storm.

I'll be honest, the chapter starts off pretty dark.  More than I was really ready for this morning.
The violence, the hatred, the anger, the abuse, divorce, murder....

How can there be so much?   Why is the world in the state it is in?  Is it getting better or worse?

It appears there has been violence for much if not all of human history.  Perhaps it is just my perception, but it does appear the world is not getting better, it actually looks to be getting worse.

Kids shooting kids in school, People killing just to kill.  What can cause two people who professed their deepest love for one another  turn in a few years to hate the thought of one another.
Parents mistreating their kids... the list goes on.

Wow, uplifting, don't you think... The author of the book points out that sometimes it is necessary to look at how bad things can be to appreciate what I have.

If the potential for this level of violence, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc. exist... What keeps it in check?
Tripp indicates that it may very well be God's grace.
As I read and re-read the chapter this week, I'll post my thoughts.

Tripp finishes the chapter with these two questions... I have personalized them.

1) How am I at dealing with the low-grade  or high-intensity anger of those around me?
2) Is there a place where I feel God is calling me to face my own anger?  If so, what new things do I feel He is calling me to do?


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