Rejection vs Acceptance

Took a break from the devotion this weekend and read a chapter from In The Shadow of Grace.
The chapter is about the rejection Campbell faced while preaching and while serving in His first pastoral position.

The thoughts presented I have held on to for years... The church is often too hung up on man-made creeds and beliefs, that it causes unnecessary division in the church as a whole...

This goes right along with my devotion over the past couple weeks as well... We are broken people, living in a broken world, trying to congregate in a "broken church"... Of course there will be differences.   Of course there will be divisions... Of course there will be issues...

The bottom line for me is to keep the essentials to the essentials.   It does not matter what I wear, as long as I am not coming in a speedo... It doesn't matter what music is played or what version of the Bible is being read....    ---No, Jesus didn't carry a Red Letter edition KJV around....

The church needs to stop ranting over the trivial man-made rules and start focusing on the most important commandments that Jesus gave.... Love God, Love Each Other.

Mic drop, and stepping off the box of soap.


  1. I think you know my feelings on this one. I will fight tooth and nail to simply love God and love people. Forget all the manmade rules and regulations. Question: if it had been around, would jesus have carried that red letter KJV NT? I seriously doubt it. He wanted people to understand him.

    1. I do know your feelings on this... Pretty sure Jesus didn't need to carry any version... He is the only version that was needed.


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