So many voices

Chapter 4, 2nd read.

Starting at the beginning of the Chapter, Paul David Tripp describes the number of influences that continue to barrage the landscape of humankind.  Prior to the Internet, the opinions and influences were fairly contained.   Sure books were written, Television and Radio broadcasts provided commentary, families, friends, colleagues all chimed in...  Information is good, however, information overload can be a negative outcome of so many sources.  Even in writing this post, I am contributing to the inundation of information that proliferates our society.

P. D. Tripp describes it as a "constant cacophony of ten thousand contradictory voices"

With so many opinions, with so many ideas, with so many contradictions...All being pushed from so many places.  I can't turn on my tv, radio, newsfeed, email, or even walk into a grocery store without hearing side conversations on what I should believe.  I can't speak a word from my mouth without the likelihood of  someone else having an opinion on the subject.  

So... how does this relate to fear?   I believe much of what people fear today is based on half truths.
I believe much of what people fear today is based on misinformation and falsehoods that come from the variety of sources described.  I believe that much of the fear to day is the direct result of too much information and the inability to easily distinguish fact from fiction.

Without a distinguished source of truth, a baseline if you will, to compare with the information I am receiving, discerning truth becomes most difficult if not impossible.
Thankfully, I believe we have a source of truth.  Sure, it requires some discernment.  Sure there are some that will will even interpret it a bit differently.  I also believe that the truth I speak is living.
It isn't like any other documentary, encyclopedia, or dictionary.  It isn't just a historical writing that provides insight into the past.  I believe the more I work to understand it, the more it works in me to help me understand it and change me.

This truth in which I speak, The Bible...

If I work to align what I hear and what I read against the principles outlined in the Bible... I believe this is a step in helping to filter the misinformation and set me on a path to fearless living.


  1. You said a mouthful when you said, "I believe much of what people fear today is based on half truths." How many time do I have to say AMEN before you can see I believe that wholeheartedly. I am not on social media for a reason and spend very little time in the news. I prefer the truth in the Bible as opposed to what I hear from others.

    1. No doubt... I definitely do NOT look to social media as the authority on truth...
      That being said, the "mainstream" news outlets are hopefully starting to see the importance of checking and double checking their sources before posting a "news worthy" story. There now have been a number of instances where a story is being shared that is subsequently being dismissed because cell phone cameras and instantaneous submission of video is countering the story. All that said... thousands of voices and half truths... I suspect that in the grand scheme of things, 99% of the "news worthy" information is probably not all that important anyway.

  2. We see so much twisting of the facts in the news these days, it's truly shameful. I fear so many of these folks spewing hateful speech and half-truths have no knowledge of the God we follow. They are truly lost. We can pray God will somehow convict them, and we can spend more time in His Word instead of drifting aimlessly on the internet.
    Great post, Ryan! Blessings!

    1. Sadly I see a large amount of half-truths and misinformation being shared via the various social media platforms that claim to be Christian. It is sad to say that it only tends to bring the credibility of all Christians down. It is all to easy to hit "share" or "like" or heart emoji . My hope is that people think twice before redistributing false information on all sides of the fence. -- Thanks for comment Martha! Looking forward to your next post as well.


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