The Independence Illusion

Day 3 on Chapter 3 - a SHELTER in the time OF STORM

One thing that living in a fallen world as an imperfect individual surrounded by broken people can do... It can make me believe that I am going at life alone.

At times I can feel like a small battle that has been tossed into the ocean.  The waves of trouble can sometime seem to never cease... as I am battered against the rocks trying to get myself to shore. I can begin to believe that I have to rely on my self and there is no other.

I was never meant to simply float in the ocean... A fragile vessel uniquely shaped was meant to contain something other than the drops of sea water. 

The truth... I need rescued.  This rescue needs to come from outside of myself.   I may even bump into other bottles in the ocean, but in reality, they can't rescue me either.  I need to be plucked from the ocean by the hands of the creator.  

Once I allow myself to be pulled from the ocean, I am cleaned and filled.  I can then be used as I was designed... to pour out.

I need to remember that life is going to have waves, life is going to be difficult. I may even get chipped and broken along the way... but If I think I can pull myself out of the ocean on my own efforts... I have missed the boat.  I require the saving grace of my God...


  1. I like you eluding to the bottle in the ocean picture. As you said, no other bottle in that same ocean can pluck us out. They're in there with us! But we do need a Creator. And he does. I like your thoughts today Ryan.

    1. Thanks Bill, as I read through this morning, that was the imagery that had come to mind.

  2. We were not created to go it alone, that's for sure, Ryan. And if we don't allow our loving Father to help us, we have missed the boat, indeed!


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