The loss of a Loved One

Wow... I'll be honest... I hesitate even writing this post this morning.
I feel completely inadequate in providing any insight or commentary in regards to experiencing death.  What I have experienced is the loss of loved ones.

Reading Chapter 3 this morning from the Book In The Shadow of Grace  a chapter titled "When Loved Ones Die".   The chapter begins with excerpts from Campbell describing the loss of his sister when they were both children and later the loss of His own daughter.

I can't even imagine.  I pray I never have to experience a loss of that magnitude.  The thought brings a wave of emotion over me and tears to my eyes.

Campbell had described death as the enemy.  Death leaves a wake of sorrow and pain.  Death is ugly, hostile, and hateful.  Death does not take sides; death is not prejudice.  Death knows no ethnical, racial, social, or economical boundaries.  Death will impact everyone at some point, but...death is not the end.

Thanks to God, Death for those who have chosen to associate themselves with Jesus; who have called upon Him... death is merely a next step.  Campbell describes death as an end to sin, and end to pain, and end to suffering.  Death allows us to shed our earthly burdens and move to a life of perfection.

No doubt... tears will be shed, the pain for those left behind is real... I have felt it... I continue to feel it.  Bereavement is real... it is expected.  God gave me emotions and feelings... He knows the pain of loss and separation.   He also has given me hope... Hope for my future and hope for those who have passed before me.

One last point, I don't envy pastors, chaplains, or those who help families through tough times such as these.  It takes a special person, a caring heart, and the wisdom to know when to speak and the wisdom to know when not to....   I pray I have not "spoken" too much.


  1. Even though I have been doing this for 45+ years I still sometimes don't know what to say or do. Each death is individual and you never know how a family member will be taking it. But on the right side: death is the enemy but we who follow Christ know that enemy has been defeated. Yeah!! On the reading side: I have not moved ahead yet to that chapter. There is still more I want to mine from chapter 2. Thanks for giving me a "foretaste " of what is to come.

    1. It was a rough chapter.... Again, don't envy that side of being a pastor. I imagine you do more listening than talking.

  2. Ryan, yes, this is a difficult subject to broach, but you have done it marvelously here. The pain and grief at the loss of a loved one cannot be underestimated by any stretch. We feel bereft and abandoned. But when we know Jesus, we can rest assured that death is not the end, but a new beginning!
    If you're looking to expand your readership, visit my blog at; most of my comments there come from fellow Christian bloggers who would welcome your invitation to read your blog!

    1. Thanks Martha, I appreciate the invitation. I'll be stopping by for sure, not necessarily for more readers... though they would be welcome... But for the opportunity to learn more myself. Appreciate your comment.
      Have a great day!

  3. Well said, Ryan.
    If a person lives long enough surely they will mourn.

    But as you pointed out, it is the only way to finally be at peace with our Maker and in the perfection He intended.

    1. Thanks Floyd, appreciate the comment. No doubt, the longer we live the more of our family and friends we see leave. It hurts, but there is some comfort in knowing they have gone home.


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