Trouble Comes

My last pass through the chapter 3 this week and It is hard to believe how much I continue to pull from the less than 3 pages of thoughts from the author.  It really speaks of my need to slow down and absorb more of what I am reading... provided the material is worthwhile to absorb.

My last post coincides with the last paragraph that Tripp writes in this chapter... Unrealistic Expectations.  The primary theme to the chapter was the brokenness of this world and it's inhabitants... Us... Me.

The chapter deals with the brokenness of people and our need to be prepared.  Expect problems, Know the source of wisdom to navigate the complicated relationships I find myself in.  Knowing every relationship is complicated and delicate... and precious.  Be dependent on the God that can bring the wealth of knowledge, grace, and love into my life that I so desperately need to relate through my broken self to the broken others of this world.

Even with all the preparation, even with trying to rely on God for direction, wisdom, love, and grace... Despite all of that that... Trouble will still come.
Most of the time... it is self-induced.  Perhaps a snarky comment, perhaps a neglected opportunity, a wrong motivation or even a just a thought.  

I decided to pick up reading Proverbs this morning.   I read through Chapter 18 to coincide with the day of the month... Seemed logical to me.  More than half of the verses in the chapter deal with relationship or speaking in some way... Doesn't surprise me, but confirms... My interactions with others is VERY important to God.  So important in fact, Jesus made one of the greatest commandments.... Mark 12:31

The chapter ends with these two questions (I am personalizing them)
  1. "Where have  I been caught up short because I failed to live with realistic expectations?"
  2. "What must I do every day to be both realistic and hopeful at the same time?"

Another step forward.


  1. Since I'm going through the same book but further ahead, I went back and looked at chapter 3 as a refresher. Lots of underlines! One that I picked up at the end is "We'll only live properly in this broken world when we're guided and protected by the light of biblical wisdom..." So true. Certainly can't trust the world's wisdom! I highlighted 18:10 this morning: "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe."

    1. No doubt... The Bible's wisdom is often counter-intuitive and counter to the culture in which we live. That is to be expected, however, when you realize that both... my intuition and culture are derived both from brokenness. Good to have a source of truth to rely on.

  2. Yes, Ryan, Jesus never told us that we wouldn't have trouble in this world, but that He would always be with us to see us through. Let's just pray we're not the ones to start that trouble! Blessings!

    1. Oh how true that is... both having trouble and that He would always see us through... even if it means through to the next chapter.


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