Truths I Need to Remember

I took a day off yesterday posting and well probably shouldn't have.
I postponed my devotion until the evening... again I shouldn't have.
I am finding more and more, if I don't start the day with a good foundation, things tend to go awry throughout the day.  Not because of circumstance, not because I believe God is smiting me.  Not because of luck... Simply because my perspective is not where it should be.

I think fear is like that as well.  When my perspective is off, fear can more easily creep in.
I can let things worry me or give me anxiety that really shouldn't.  I conjur up 1000's of "what if" scenarios and try to determine options for each. A good deal of time is wasted on thinking of 99.9% of the "what if's" that will never happen.   More often than not... I never even see a scenario play out in a way I imagined.

P.D Tripp ends Chapter 4 with two questions:

  1. Where is my living limited or diverted by fear?
  2. When am I tempted to give way to fear, what truths about God do I need to remember?

 I think I hit on the first... I spend more time than I should working unknown scenarios out in my head.  The problem is the mainly hits me at night when I am not distracted by the various other sources of input that find their way to distract me.   This results in loss sleep and restlessness for sure.

The second goes back to my post yesterday... I need to remember that it is not me that can protect me from all the possible darkness of this world.   I need to remember that it is the life giving power of God that illuminates the darkness.  I need to embrace the truth that God is in control and He has my ultimate best interest in mind.  He will bring me to where I need to be, even if I need to take a stroll through the valley.


  1. Those "what-ifs" can be absolutely crushing to our spirits and worrisome weights on our minds. May we give all our cares and troubles to the One who can bear those burdens.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. Indeed, Martha, Indeed... The one who can and wants to bear those burdens for us.

  2. I find my day starts off much better if I spend some time alone with God before I get started. Waiting till the end of the day is a disaster. Complete. Sorry I got to this Saturday morning as my day off on Friday was packed full. Day off?

    1. No worries Bill, appreciate the comment. And I agree, waiting until the end of the day just doesn't work well at all. I am usually not in the right frame of mind at all. Today is one of those days. Got side tracked early this morning which didn't help... It has been a good day, but just packed full. Now I am trying to play catch up and it is already 9:00 PM... where did my day go?


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