20/20 Vision

Chapter 7 - from a SHELTER in the time OF STORM

It is Monday... and that means a new chapter for me.  This week... "Sight Problems".

Over the past couple years, I have been watching various tv series from the past.
"The Waltons" , "The Andy Griffith Show", and currently, "Little House on the Prairie".

I don't know what fascinates me so much about these shows... Perhaps, I know I can watch most of them without worrying about the content.  As a child, I remember seeing some of the episodes, mostly in passing...

The most recent episode of "Little House" that I watched is the episode where Mary's vision begins to deteriorate very quickly to the point of total blindness.

As I get older, I too am losing my ability to see as clearly as I once had.  Each visit to the optometrists involves a stronger prescription to allow me to continue to read what I otherwise could not.

This is the physical aspect of sight... What about the spiritual aspect.
What am I missing in the spiritual realm due to my "blindness".

Jesus provides a number of powerful illustrations throughout His ministry where he heals those who are blind... Both physically and spiritually.

As I read through the chapter this morning and pondered my blindness, I realized there are areas that I have neglected.  I need to pull out the spiritual cleaning cloth and wipe the dirt and grime away.   
I need regular visits to the Great Optometrist for my checkups.  I need to read the chart and determine if I am truly seeing 20/20.   Neglect will leave me continuing to stumble and fall in the darkness of the blindness.

I look forward to more this week, I am looking forward to getting an updated prescription to help me see more clearly.


  1. Your eyes are perfect compared to mine! LOL There is no hope for me unless I get a total eye transplant or cataracts develop and get so bad I have to have surgery. But I can do something about the spiritual myopia. thanks for the challenge and look forward to more this week.

    1. I don't know my eyes are getting worse and worse... Let's hope our spiritual sight only gets better!

  2. Ryan, when I had my cataract surgery last September, I couldn't believe how bright, clear and colorful everything was!!! Boy, had I been missing out, and didn't even realize it. And that can be so true of our spiritual sight, too. I don't want to stumble around in the dark when it comes knowing God's Word and His will for me. Let me get out those cleaning cloths and get busy!

    1. No doubt Martha, get busy with the spiritual cleaning cloths indeed!


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