Accepting My Blindness

P.D. Tripp opens this chapter with a very personal example of his friend George.  George is blind.
Tripp uses Georges physical blindness to both compare and contrast that of spiritual blindness.

George as a young boy I am sure went through a period of denial.  As I mentioned yesterday, Mary, from Little House, went blind as a teenager and also went through denial.  The family even withheld the truth about how severe and permanent the blindness was and is.

I too often deny the severity of my blindness.  The Bible speaks of how blinding sin is.  How it deceives.  How it prevents me from living a full life.  A life God intended for me to live.
Tripp points out that we often will see the sin of others well before seeing and accepting the sin of myself.

Tripp also points out that not only does this blindness prevent me from seeing my sin, but it also prevents me from seeing the glory of God all around me.  What a powerful illustration that is recorded in the book of John, Chapter 9 when Jesus heals the man who was blind since birth.
His eyes were immediately opened and could physically see the Glory of God through creation he had only been able to experience through his other senses.   How much greater, I am sure, this had on the man's spiritual sight as well.

Why is recognizing and accepting my blindness so important... Because I need to alter how I live.  I need to re-learn how to "see" through a different set of eyes.  I need to learn to "feel".  I need to learn to be aware and listen.   I need to allow myself to experience the presence of God and be my eyes to the things around me.  Only then will I truly be able to fully live with my condition... Only then will I be able to move beyond the limitations brought on by my own blindness.


  1. I know I need to have my eyes opened by the Spirit. I guess I'm more like the man who saw men like trees walking and then Jesus helped him to REALLY see. i want to really see. Hmmm it does appear you and I are tracking the same today. :)

    1. We all do.... Maybe we will wear a similar shirt tomorrow also!

  2. So important to assess our own "blind spots" when it comes to acknowledging sin in our lives. May our spiritual eyes be opened to see our own flaws and make allowance for the flaws in others.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. I like the additional thought..."make allowance for the flaws in others" .thanks for sharing.


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