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Community is an important aspect of life.  People were not mean to live life alone in seclusion away from others.  Sure, it is important on occasion to pull away and reflect without the distractions of life, however, this should not be the mainstream.  This should not be the status quo.

I am an introvert... Pulling away is easy for me.  Isolating myself and avoiding the interaction of people is relaxing to me.  I enjoy it.  However, for me to really grow, I know I can't stay there.

To limit my experiences and opportunities for application of what I learn to my own self would significantly limit  my growth potential... mentally, physically, and spiritually.

How much more important is the idea of community when it comes to working through my blindness.  P.D. Tripp points out in chapter 7 when describing his blind friend, George, and what he had to do when he knew he was going physically blind.   He had to surround himself with others who could teach him how to live fully in spite of his blindness.  He had to educate himself on how to interact with the world around him and how to "see" without the use of his eyes.

This is true spiritually as well.  I have dark spots in my vision... some days, it's a wonder I don't run face first into everything.  Like George, I need to surround myself with a community of people that are like me, but who have experienced life and been able to overcome their limitations.  No, I am not talking about perfection, I am simply talking people that display attributes that I would like to emulate.

I need to be continually looking to grow, continually looking to overcome.  I can't do that alone.  I can't do that in my own experiences.  I can't do that in my own knowledge or awareness.   I must surround myself with people and resources that can guide me through my blindness and help me "See".   

That's why community is so... so... so... important.   Not only can others help me begin to see, but perhaps I can assist others who have just discovered their blindness.  Perhaps some haven't accepted the limitations of their blindness and just need a friend.   Community is not a one way street.  The faucet of wisdom doesn't just flow in one direction.

I challenge myself, find opportunities to grow and find opportunities to help others grow.


  1. I think you hit on the reason why the Bible says "Iron sharpens iron" Ryan. It is for each other. To help us grow. To help us keep each other sharp. I'm honored to be part of your community.

    1. No doubt you have sharpened me. Thank you for allowing me to continue in your community.

  2. Like you, Ryan, I am an introvert, but I do value the need for community and interaction with others who can strengthen and encourage me in my spiritual walk. Sometimes that happens in person, but many times, that inspiration comes through reading the blogs of other Christians. Bottom line: We do need to be accessible and available to all those who need support.

    1. Martha, It is definitely a different age in which we can engage and dialogue without ever meeting in person. I feel that it allows introverts like myself to engage more meaningfully, than being perfectly content sitting "away from the crowd" Thanks for the comment.


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