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This past Christmas, my father-in-law offered to purchase a new video security system for all his kids.  No doubt, this was expensive, even if it was on sale, however, as a father, grandfather, and father-in-law, he wanted to provide what he could to the security of our families.
This gift was offered, but he asked before having it delivered.  He wanted to make sure we wanted to accept it.  That we would use it.  He even offered to come install it.  After we received the system, he called to ask if we had any questions.  If I needed any help.  He was legitimately interested in making sure it was working as expected and promised.

We all have been offered another security system...

I have decided to title my post "Life Security".
There is no other fail proof security system on the market.
However, the cost of this system is enormous, even priceless!
The price was paid in full over 2000 years ago.

I honestly believe, as a Christian, I have been given more than just a security system.
I have been given Life.  Life now, life eternal.  The perks to this system do not have to wait to start until I finish this life.  The perks begin now.   The second it was installed, changes began occurring.
The system comes with a 24X7 365 day a year on-site representative with guaranteed 100% uptime.

The system is wireless and requires no charging or replacement of batteries, had no dead zones, and is always on.  The system comes with roadside, pathside, bedside, and work side assistance with help only a prayer away.

Will the security system prevent bad things from happening?  No... but you can be sure when they do... Help is there.

If you are interested in hearing about this system in more detail, let me know.  I would be happy to tell you all about it and how to obtain it for your very own.


  1. The ultimate security system. No argument here on that. Good thinking Ryan and good application.

  2. Amen, Ryan! The best security system ever, and fully guaranteed. Can't beat that!


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