On Christ the Solid Rock

Wrapping up chapter 6, "On Christ the Solid Rock" today.  J.D. Tripp really put out some nuggets to chew on.

He finishes the chapter with these questions that I am personalizing...

  1. "Be honest as I examine the way I live.  What do I look to as my "solid rock"?
  2. How would my living be different if Christ really was my "solid rock"?

"On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand."

As a journeyed this week through the chapter, I have recognized I put a lot of emphasis on the temporary and on the broken.
This isn't to say I should discontinue my pursuits, my job, my family, my relationships. This is to say that I need to view them in the proper perspective.
I cannot expect the people, places, things, and circumstances around me to lift me out of the sinking sand.
As Tripp states on page 33,
"we attempt to stand on an endless catalog of God-replacements that end up sinking with us"

Guilty as charged! My wife has been a rock in my life. I have put too much responsibility on her at times to lift me from the sinking sand, she keeps me afloat for awhile, but ends up being pulled in along side me.

To answer question 2... I would like to say I am closer to that than before. The following words come to mind as I ponder the question...
Hope, Joy, Peace, Rest, Protection, Forgiveness, Grace...
I think I would like more of that!


  1. Yes, Ryan, I, too, would like more of what you listed for question 2. I think we all would! Let us not make "rocks" out of those around us, but lean up Jesus to keep us from sinking.

  2. I agree, thanks for commenting Martha!


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