I do not believe rejection is something anyone enjoys.

I know I have had periods of rejection in my life... some subtle, some obvious, some trivial, some significant.

"Go Away"

I have heard it directly... Perhaps it was a childhood crush that didn't reciprocate my feelings.
Perhaps it was an older sibling tired of having the younger "tag along".
Perhaps it was through the actions of a spouse that was ready to end a relationship.
Perhaps it was from a parent that didn't want to be bothered.
 Two words, so simple... yet so harmful.
What can be uttered in seconds can leave damaging results for years to come.

The chapter I have started this week is titled "Two Words You Never Want to Hear"
The chapter is written as a poem and provides assurance that despite any rejection I may have felt in the past, that I am feeling in the present, or that I will feel in the future...  There are two words I will never hear from the one that matters...


  1. Rejection hurts no matter how it said or done. I am glad I will never hear rejection from my Father in heaven.

    1. Bill this is so true... It leaves a lasting scar for sure.

  2. No, we will never hear "go away" from God. Instead, we hear, "Draw closer." Oh, what comfort there is in those two words!
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. I like the contrast Martha, Draw Closer.... Definitely words of comfort.


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