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Life sometimes throws curve balls... Ones we didn't see coming.  Curve balls we couldn't predict or plan for.  P.D Tripp states the following in Chapter 6, page 33 in a SHELTER in the time OF STORM...

"The problem is that the longer we live, the more we know that there is little around us in this fallen world that's truly stable."

further down the page he points out the following:
"you are clearly not in control of the details or destiny of your life, yet as a rational, purposeful, emotional being, you cry for a deep and abiding sense of well-being"

Life can be tough.  Some things, probably most things, I bring on myself.  However, there are things that just simply happen as the result of living in a broken world.   The confusion, the disorientation, the bewildering, the perplexing, the unclear, the weariness that comes with it all... These are signposts.  Working to resolve these things with the resources and relationships of this world will often lead to further issues.  I can't expect my wife to "fix" what she cannot fix.  I cannot expect my pastors to be the final solution to my problems.  I cannot expect a change of job, lifestyle, money, or activity to resolve anything long term.  No... The signpost should have "solution" pointed skyward.
It should be in the shape of a cross and should be labeled Jesus.

We will have troubles, but we can count on God to pull us through them.


  1. Yes, Jesus is our only solution in any situation the world throws at us. With Him, I can face the troubled times.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. Troubled times will come for sure...Who better to face them with than the creator of all.

  2. I have absolutely no one else to blame except myself for my troubles. I can try bu they just don't hold water. Take responsibility and deal with it. I think a person comes out better in the end if they do.

    1. I won't say all thing's are preventable, but I would gauge that the majority of the problems I have faced have come as a result of my action, inaction, complacency, attitude, selfishness, etc... the list could go on. I see more frequently than I would like. Usually its a bold sign on a sign post!


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