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I apologize for the gap in posting this week.  My wife and I left Anchorage Alaska at 9:45 pm local time on a red eye flight back home.  We arrived back home Tuesday at around noon.  I didn't sleep much on the flight and spent most of Tuesday napping and recouping.  Even this morning, I feel exhausted... but it is a good exhaustion.

The post on Monday revealed this weeks theme... What is my one thing?
Today I am simply going post the list of items that Tripp adapted for use in this chapter....

Tripp prefaced the list with this question...

Life has meaning and I have worth only if I have ____________________in my life?

  1. Power - Life has meaning or I have worth only if I have power and influence over others.
  2. Approval - If I am loved and respected by __________.
  3. Comfort - If I have a certain kind of pleasure or experience.
  4. Image - If I have a certain look or body image.
  5. Control - If I am able to have a mastery over a particular area in my life.
  6. Dependence - If someone is there to keep me safe.
  7. Independence - If I am completely free of the obligation or responsibility to take care of someone.
  8. Inclusion - If a particular social or professional group lets me into their inner ring.
  9. Achievement - If I am recognized for my accomplishments.
  10. Prosperity - If I have a certain level of wealth, finance, nice possessions.
  11. Work - If I am highly productive and get a lot done.
  12. Religion - If I am adhering to my religion's codes and accomplished in its activities
  13. Irreligion - If I am totally independent of organized religion and have a self made morality.
  14. Race or culture - If my race and culture are ascendant and recognized as superior.
  15. A person - If this one person is happy to be in my life and happy with me.
  16. Family - If my children/parents are happy and happy with me.
  17. Helping - If people are dependent on me and need me.
  18. Suffering - If I am hurting or having a problem, only then do I feel noble, worthy of love, free of guilt.

This list is not exhaustive.  I am sure I could add a few of my own.

There are some things in this list that do not apply -- at least not at the moment.
I want to be careful about saying they would never be an issue.  I can see how it would be easy to simply swap out one item for another.   Image for Prosperity for example.

Some I am pretty sure I have no interest in...

I lean more toward the Family aspect,  I also do not like to see my wife upset.  Perhaps these are my "one thing"  I like comfort... perhaps that may be in there.  This may also go along with a level of prosperity.

Whatever my one thing(s) is, I know what it should be.  If my focus is on something above, then it will drive my actions, my thoughts, my conversations, my choices.  The result will be selfish motivation.  My focus will be self not God.  



  1. I have absolutely no pity on someone who goes to Alaska and doesn't take me! Especially when he knows it is on my bucket list. But then again, I can imagine Amanda was a better guest than I would have been. :) Seriously, glad you two got away. As for the list, you are meddling now. Preaching allowed but not meddling.

    1. It was amazing... to be honest, it really wasn't on my bucket list specifically, I would like to visit all 50 states in my lifetime... The thought that it may actually be in reach is kind of cool. I will post some pictures over the weekend.


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