The Search for a Rock

Growing up, my children had a fascination about rocks.  Every vacation or stop along the way, another rock was added to the collection, sometimes two or three.  As the rock collection grew, they were eager to show their collection to others.  They were proud of the rocks and would often pull out their "prized" rock for even closer inspection and admiration. 

As a child and even as an adult, there isn't anything wrong with collecting rocks.  It is a harmless hobby and at least for my kids, very inexpensive.  The only real hassle came during our various moves when it came time to move the rock box.

P.D. Tripp points out on page 33 of a SHELTER in the time OF STORM that people are hard-wired for their quest for a rock.  The rock I am talking about is that on which we build our lives.  The rock that provides the stability and assurance that everything is going to be OK.  

I mentioned yesterday a number of places people, self included, tend to build their lives which really is on sinking sand.  Despite my efforts to find my solid rock among the people, places, things, and activities  around me, I always come up short.  I always find the fake rocks crumbling and falling through my fingers.

The quest for the perfect rock on which to stand can seem hopeless.  Some will argue that the quest to seek the One rock on which to build my life is a fairy-tale and that the quest should be abandoned.   I am here to tell you that the quest should not be abandoned, simply redirected.  The rock can certainly be found, or rather, if you would allow it, the Rock will find you.

So where is this Rock you might ask... stay tuned...


  1. First, about those rocks. They were good except if they got mad and decided to throw them. :) Second, I like your idea about redirecting the search for a rock. We get so waylaid that it is easy to lose our target.

  2. My granddaughter, Virginia, loves to collect rocks, too, and has a small collection of them here at our house. My prayer for her is that she will grow to realize the one Rock upon whom she can always depend - Jesus!
    Blessings, Ryan!


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