The War in My Heart

My fourth read through Chapter 8 this morning.  Near the end of the chapter,  P.D. Tripp decides to take a turn.  He brings it home.  It is not just about the catalog of items that take my attention.  It is about the war that is fought in my heart year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day, minute by minute... even second by second.

See I can be moving along at a great pace, focused on God... Thinking I am making my "One Thing" about Him when wham...  I am side tracked.  What happened.
The war that is fought is "on the turf of my heart".   This is where the "One Thing" begins to rise up and attempts to take control.  

People don't like to use the word these days, but the reason the "One Thing" rises up is SIN.  It's selfish, it's controlling, it's addictive, it enslaves...    The only way to be safe is to allow the Lord to command us.  To allow His leading in our hearts, in our minds, in our actions.

There is a war, I can't deny it.  There is a war that is being fought and I have chosen my side.  It isn't a war that I can watch from the side lines.   I can't stand neutral while the war wages.  It's a war that everyone is engaged in within their own heart.    Some days I hiding in a bunker allowing the evil to spread.  Some days I am laying cover fire to assist with the advance... Some days I am on the front line pushing to take as much territory as possible.   Where I am today? Where are you today?


  1. Indeed, where are we today? The battle rages on, does it not? And I think that the closer we get to godly, the devil sees a crack and tries to worm his way in. Let us all put on the full armor of God!
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. Put on the full armor of God - indeed!!! a great reminder and something I need to do every morning!

  2. Ephesians 6 backs up the idea of a war. "We battle not against flesh and blood..." I know for myself it is a moment by moment battle, one I might think I'm doing well at then BAM! keep fighting is the only thing to say and do.

    1. Perseverance... Staying the course...Knowing what must be done even when I am am tired an weary! You are right Bill, the battle is not against flesh and blood.


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