What greater joy is it to know that despite my failings, despite my upsets, despite my attitude, despite my actions, despite my foolishness, despite my weakness, despite my sin...

I can approach my heavenly father UNAFRAID!

God looks beyond the darkness and sees me as His child.
He allows me to approach him at any time, right where I am at.  He allows me to call out to Him and returns forgiveness and love.   He allows me know come to Him, just as I am, never turning me away.

I would do well to remember and hold on to this compassion, this undeserved love. A love that is second to none. More than just a convenient love, more than a passing love, a love that lasts for eternity.  A love that began while I was still in my mother's womb.  I would do well to not only remember this love, but also to share this love.

Why does God see me this way... only because of what Jesus chose to do for me.  Rather than me face the rejection, Jesus took the rejection of me and the whole world, past - present - future... and faced God on the cross.  He took my rejection so I could be accepted.

I am thankful He did... for I can face God, my father, UNAFRAID.


  1. And I'm so thankful Jesus did the same for me, Ryan, and all of us who know He is the way, the truth and the life.

    1. Thanks for the comment Martha... and I am thankful he is still doing...

  2. So true Ryan. Unafraid. No fear. No fear of retribution. Of condemnation. No disdain.


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