Wanting More

As I come to Thursday of the week, I ponder what I was able to extract from the chapter.

A final point P.D. Tripp makes regarding George, his blind friend, is George's unwillingness to give up.   His unwillingness to be satisfied with the current state.  His unwillingness to fall victim to pity that could have consumed him and a life of despair.  George recognized and accepted his blindness, but he didn't stop there.  He surrounded himself with people and circumstances that could help him learn and grow. 

George didn't stop wanting more.  He didn't stop with just accepting his fate, He pushed through.

Tripp compares this with our own spiritual blindness.   I can't stop wanting more.  I can't stop looking for opportunities to grow.  To quote Tripp...

I should be tired of being deceived.

God's glory is on display everywhere, yet I am often blinded, so blinded that I cannot see the beauty in front of my face.  Stuck in the mire and the muck, my life twisted and bent.   I should be literally sick of being blinded... 

I should live for the day when the eyes of my heart will no longer be blinded and with 20/20 vision I will be welcomed to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord forever!

I can't state it any clearer than Tripp already had... So there it is.

Now what will I do about it.


  1. I look forward to that day...with wild and wide open eyes.

    1. I as well, not that I am wanting to go now... but I am ready if called home.


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