What Is My One Thing?

New week, New Chapter...  "What Is Your One Thing?"   Chapter 8.

What is the one thing that keeps me going?   What is the one thing that I couldn't live without?
What is the one thing that I sacrifice other things in order to maintain or obtain?
What is that one thing? 

Perhaps I have more than one thing.  Perhaps I bounce around from thing to thing.  Perhaps the thing I thought was the one thing turned out not to be and now I am on to looking for the NEXT one thing.

I know the answer that all good little Christians should answer... If I answer Jesus, If I answer simply doing the will of my God in Heaven... It would be the answer that I should be striving for, but would it really be my correct answer?   Is that really what motivates me to do what I do or live how I live?

Unless I were Jesus, and I can clearly tell you that I am not, I cannot answer the question honestly with the "expected" Christian answer.  I am not sure that I will ever to be able to answer that question with the expected response this side of Heaven.

My challenge this week will be to examine myself through this devotion and begin chopping away at those area where I give to much of myself.  Those areas in which I have placed to much value.  Those areas that I have given to much of my identify.  Those areas that I feel would devastate me if I were to lose. 

As I said above, I don't think there will be a point where I arrive... but that should not keep me from trying.


  1. I think I will skip this week. Too much conviction. :)

  2. Sounds like you'll be engaging in some serious introspection this week, Ryan. And no, you may not arrive, but you should never stop trying.

    1. That will definitely be my objective, serious introspection... Thanks for the push!


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