Sight Problems

Wrapping up this week from Chapter 7, "Sight Problems"

P.D Tripp finishes out the chapter with two questions in which I will quote but personalize...
But, before I do so... I want to recap 4 insights that he learned from George's blindness.

  1. Recognizing sight is more than just about my eyes, it is about my heart
  2. Acceptance, Seems cliche, but I need to recognize I have a sight problem
  3. Community: I need to involve myself with community, personally, virtually, and through as many resources necessary to help me recognize area where I am blind
  4. Desire for Growth:  I can't just accept my blindness and not do something about it... I need to grow... If I am not growing, I am dying... I am decaying.

So For the two questions...

  1. Which of the four insights from George's life are particularly needful for me, right now?
  2. How could I make a greater use of the community of insight that God has placed around me in the body of Christ?

I'll go with number 1 first... There are two... Community and desire for growth.
Community is a hard thing for me.  I don't open up much.   I keep things buried, I don't want to be a burden.  I don't like sharing my problems and I lack trust in a lot of ways.   I am friendly, but tend to keep things very surfacy.   I know these are all areas I need to work on... but it is a challenge.

Desire for growth... I am doing better here... I am challenging myself with blogging, primarily as a motivator to stay committed to my daily devotion.   However, I still find myself wasting more hours than I should on mindless entertainment.  I need to redirect some of that time and energy into growth.

To answer the 2nd question...  How could I make greater use....   Accountability.   Bill posted a comment a couple days ago which is right on.... "Iron sharpens iron"   This is so true and is one of the vital reasons for community.   I can't often see my blindspots (or I choose to ignore them).  Having a close group of people that can hold me accountable, that can recognize that I may be off the mark, that have the courage and the consent (both very important) to speak up and provide an external view of my life....

Have a very good weekend!


  1. Yes, Ryan, we need to be completely open to growth in our spiritual journey, listening carefully to God's voice guiding us. And no, it's not easy to be transparent with others, especially in what seems like superficial conversations, but if we can pray about that, trying to understand why we hold back, I think we can make progress for the sake of our witness to Christ in this world. That is not, in any way, to say this is easy. I struggle, too!
    Blessings, my friend, and have a wonderful weekend, too!

  2. Thank you for the guidance!
    And as you stated, easier said than done... But still important that it be what I strive for.

  3. I opt for the first one Ryan: Recognizing sight is more than just my eyes. I pray the eyes of my heart will be open and sensitive to God's leading.

    1. Thanks Bill, I can't disagree. The eyes of my heart must be opened.


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