10 Reason of Hope

P.D.Tripp Challenges his readers of Chapter 12 titled "Goodness" with the following:

List 10 ways that the goodness of the Lord is evident in my Life.
I challenge you to do the same!

  1. God's Grace, unmerited, undeserved, gives me hope for my eternal future
  2. God's Sovereignty, gives me security knowing He is in control
  3. God's Faithfulness, I know God will never turn away from me.
  4. God's Wisdom, I know that along with His power and might, comes understanding, insight, discernment, good judgement
  5. God's Patience, I know God accepts me as who I am , without anger, without being upset, while all the time working to mold me into who he wants me to be.
  6. God's Mercy, I know God has compassion and forgives me for my past, my present, my future and has chosen to not give me what I deserve.
  7. God's Holiness, God's perfection, righteousness, virtuousness.
  8. God's Love - Unconditional, Undeserving, Sacrificial!
  9. God's Peace - Provides me the opportunity to live in this broken world without the worry or anxiety that can come with it.
  10. God's Provision - I have all I need and so much more.

To add a few more---
My wife, my children, my health, my friends, my extended family, my job...

God is Good!


  1. I can say AMEN to all of what you said, including the last sentence on wife, children, etc. I am also glad GOD IS GOOD!!


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