Change How I am Waiting

Change can be difficult.  Change can be irritating, Change can leave me feeling uneasy, out of control, and anxious.

But change is necessary for growth...

If you are not growing, you are dying... So growth is necessary to continue to living, and change is necessary for growth to occur.

So what do I need to change today?   I need to change how I am waiting.

My take away from the chapter is that waiting is a necessary component of life.
For many reason, but primarily due to the preparation I need to go to the next level.

P.D. Tripp ends each chapter with a couple questions...
The two question for this chapter "Inner Strength" are below...

1. Where, right now, am I finding it hard to wait?
2. What would it look like for me to "snack throughout the day" in order for the difficulty of waiting to become an occasion of strength?

So number 1... Where am I finding it hard to wait...
It's a personal prayer I have been praying a prayer for nearly 20 years, though inconsistently, I have within the last year begin journaling that prayer daily.

I guess my expectation was a sudden change, a miraculous event that would resolve the prayer and be answered.  I am finding that instead, it is little daily changes sometimes with 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards that I am seeing.

The interesting part is what appears to have helped with much of the changes is to not focus so much on the object of the prayer, but to simply redirect my attention to the Love and Grace of God.

So number 2...
Snacking throughout the day...  What does this look like.
I believe it is the little moments.   I now start my morning now with a healthy "breakfast", the most important meal of the day which has helped immensely.   I try to maintain a line of communication with God open throughout the day.   I work from home, so my vocalizing of my thoughts are really only heard by my family.  As of last Wednesday, I have begun having an "evening meal" while I walk/job on the treadmill and listen to an audiobook or the bible being read through one of my devices.

I think I need to incorporate more snacking... especially when I start to feel my spiritual stomach growling.   If I sense that my attitude is starting to take a turn for the worse... perhaps stopping and feeding my spirit would stop the growling and grumbling.

So there is my reflection for the week.    Have a great weekend!



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