His Faithfulness

3rd Reason Why God responds to me in prayer according to P.D. Tripp

His Faithfulness

I am fickle... My emotions go all over the place... at least in my head.
From the moment I wake up to the moment I place my head back on the pillow, my emotions go all over the place.

One moment I may be happy and excited, the next - angry and frustrated.
These emotions can change on a dime.

I can go from being focused and working on something, to noticing a news article that disgusts me.
My attitude towards self, family, others can also change.   Some days I like to be around people, other days, I would just like to be isolated on a remote island away from everyone.

I get distracted, I get tired, I get bored, I start projects I never finish...

Bottom line... I am fickle...

Why is this important to recognize?

 "Prayer finds its hope not in the qualifications of the one praying, but in the character and plan of God who is hearing"

This hit me today as I re-read through the devotional this morning.

God is faithful... He will follow through with every promise He has ever made and everything He has promised.

I do not have to worry about God and Yo-Yo emotions, the need for sleep, or not being available when I need Him.  I don't have to worry about him turning his back, closing his ears, or walking away.  I don't have to worry about Him falling asleep or waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
God is consistent, God is Faithful! 


  1. I'm glad God is not the emotional creature I am. He would be up and down, much of it depending on circumstances. If He was that way I would visiting Him in a hospital instead of relying on and trusting Him. Knowing He is faithful cements my love and respect for Him.

    1. I am thankful God is not driven by His emotions as well. I believe God has emotions, I think that has been demonstrated throughout the ages... I am glad that He is not driven by His emotions, but instead on Truth , Righteousness and Love.


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