His Kingdom

His Kingdom is the fourth reason, P.D. Tripp listed as to why I can expect God to answer my prayers.

So what is "God's Kingdom"?

I pondered the phrase this morning in trying to understand what this means.
God's Kingdom is more than territory or land rights.  God's Kingdom is that in which He rules.  That which God has authority.

I thought about this in terms of my own family and how this plays out.
As parents, and specifically, as the father, I have an expectation that my authority carries a little weight in the decisions and actions of those living within my home.  As a person, It is possible for this authority to be abused or misused, but that is a topic for another time.

As my family was sitting around the dinner table last night, my 19 year old asked for permission to go to a bonfire that he had been invited to. 
Ponder that for just a moment...   At 19... my son asked for permission.
He has been raised to respect the authority of his parents and while living in our home and while driving our vehicle, he is expected to ask for permission before simply leaving.

I believe this could work similarly in God's Kingdom... What if I were to ask God's permission before proceeding with a big purchase, a relocation, a relationship, a job change.  What if I were to ask God's direction before responding to criticism or correction or giving correction.

The purpose of God's Kingdom is not to remove the fun and joy out of life, I believe the exact opposite.  I believe subjecting myself to God's rule, God's authority, God's Kingdom can save me from making poor decisions that can take the joy out of my life. 

P.D. Tripp adds this which I think is interesting.
"The spiritual growth and prosperity of his children means the growth and prosperity of his kingdom"
God wants His Kingdom to grow... Why wouldn't he answer prayer that results in that growth?


  1. To have a 19 year old ask permission tells me you raised him right. Kudos! But the weightier message of this post is the better part. What if? And then "The purpose of God's kingdom..." Good stuff my friend.

    1. My parenting style has definitely changed in the last number of years for sure...
      My role has changed to more of a respected coach. I know my children will make decisions I do not agree with at times, but I did as well at their age. It is their opportunity to begin making the tough decisions. I try to guide and coach now instead of dictate.
      In regards to the "What if"... That is a lifelong goal.


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