I Know Who I Am, but do I?

This morning I find myself pondering who I am. 
Yesterday, I listed out qualities that I seek often in the wrong places... Through People, Places, Food, Activities...

Today will be more introspective.
I know who I Am, but do I?

P.D. Tripp lists out a few traits, I will add to the list.

"Alone I am not confident
No pride in strength
or knowledge
or character.
the duplicity of heart
the weakness of resolve
the covert disloyalty
that makes me susceptible
to temptation's hook."

This is me.
The more I read it, the more it is like looking in the mirror.
This is what I see when I look at myself.
There is no question in my mind.


This is not how God sees me.
God sees me through the lens of Christ - washed clean, made whole, made new.
I am seen without the muck, without the filth, without dirt.
I am seen as a child of the One True God.
Not because of what I have done or who I am, but because who Christ is in me!

See I have begun to take on His traits... It has taken a lifetime.  Occasionally, I find myself back in the muck, back in the filth, back in the dirt, but even this doesn't cause God to view me differently.
What Jesus did in me and is doing through me sustains.  I am no longer seen as the list above.
I am no longer seen with muck, filth and dirt... I am seen as His.

So do I really know who I am?... I know who I was...  I know who I would be...  But I now know who and whose I am!


  1. I like the contrast you bring out Ryan. What I see and who I am are often very different. I'm glad God's idea of me is God's idea and not what I think. his vision is much better and clearer.

    1. Thanks Bill, I agree His vision is much better and clearer!


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