Misreading the Sign

Have you ever been driving along the highway and misread a sign?
Driving along toward a destination and you find yourself traveling in a direction you had not intended?

There have been times where having read a sign, I thought I knew a "better way".
A different direction that would get me to where I wanted to go.

Perhaps you have read a sign that didn't deliver what it had promised.

Signs all have a purpose to point you to something, to draw you closer. To capture your attention.

Jesus used signs.  His weren't billboards and didn't have flashy LED lights to grab attention.
His signs were the miracles he performed.

In John 6, you can read it HERE, Jesus uses the opportunity to provide a sign that cannot be ignored.
Jesus takes 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and manages to feed around 5000 people.
Not only were the people filled to capacity, there were leftovers!!!

Jesus continues to astonish later that evening when he decides to walk across the sea to board the boat his disciples were on.  The crowd knew there was only a single boat, and they knew Jesus wasn't on it when it left.

Despite the signs, nearly all the people turned away when Jesus explained that he was from heaven and was there to do the will of His Father and compared himself to the bread and wine that they must be willing to consume to have eternal life.

Granted, this sounds kind of morbid, but the point was they needed to be willing to look past the sign that got their attention and reach the destination... Jesus.

A lesson for me as well...


  1. Sadly, people are still looking for signs. Big ones. Miraculous ones. Astounding ones. They miss the simple, little ones along the way. I pray for eyes to see the big and the small.

    1. This is true as well... Thanks for the comment Bill.

  2. How sad that those folks (and we can be guilty, too) didn't look past the sign to see who Jesus truly was. and still is: The Light of the World and Author of our Salvation.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. It is sad... heartbreaking ... For self and for others. Thanks Martha.

  3. We travel a lot in our ministry and we are on the older sign and miss signs a lot. Usually it's because we are talking , not paying enough attention. Thank God there is always a way to turn around and get back to the right place. Thankful for the clear signs in the Word, Believe in me and you shall be saved for the lost. I John 1:9 for the believer who has wandered away from the sign. He always provides.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Betty, Thankful for the clear signs as well!


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