My Identity Sign

I am coming to a close on the chapter for the week and P.D. Tripp ends it with this question...

What "sign" do I have a tendency to look to for my identity, meaning, and purpose rather than the Lord, to whom that thing points?

Just like the Disney World sign or the Alyeska Resort sign... I can find myself stopping at the sign instead of looking beyond it.

When we choose to look at the people, places, things, and activities of this world for our identity vs Jesus, we are stopping at the sign.

Tripp list a number of examples...

Perhaps it is our spouse that gives us our identity?
Perhaps it is our children?
Perhaps it is our job or possession?
Maybe an hobby, sport, or some other form of recreation?
Acceptance from people?
Could it be a ministry?

Where do I look in moments of hardship or pain?
Some turn to food, others may seek alcohol, drugs, or food?
Maybe it is TV or the Internet?

"Perhaps our hearts feel empty and our souls are dissatisfied because we have tried to get from sign beauty what only ultimate beauty can give us"

If my identify is in anything or anyone other than Jesus, I will eventually be disappointed if I am not already.   I will be left wanting more and needing more.  I will be left with a hole that only Jesus can fill.

I need to check my identity sign... I need to know to whom I belong and to whom I identify.



  1. Absolutely, Ryan! If our identities are tied up in anyone or anything other than Jesus, we are deluding ourselves. There is a hole in our heart that only God can fill if we let Him. Oh, that everyone would!

    1. I need to remind myself daily of this Martha... My identity is in Christ! --Thanks!


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