Snacking While I Wait

I'll admit, I snack way to much.  I like an evening snack.  I like popcorn, candy, chocolate, salty foods, sweet foods, sour foods, ... ok all foods.   I like to try new things, new ethnic dishes.
All that said... that's not the snacking I am going to be talking about this morning...

P.D. Tripp wraps up chapter 11 with the idea of snacking. 
He describes the wait as an opportunity to nourish our heart with the glory of God
Feed on strength giving meat  of his goodness, grace, and love.
Snacking on his power and and his presence throughout the day.

Bottom line... I am being called to wait in areas of my life.  The question is what am I doing while I wait?  Am I sitting around watching the world revolve around the sun or am I being proactive.

"In your waiting, you are being given an opportunity to deepen and strengthen your faith."

Here is another quote that Tripp uses earlier in the chapter

"The temptation, in times of waiting, is to focus on the thing we are waiting for, all the obstacles that are in the way, our inability to make it happen, and all of the other people who haven't seemed to have had to wait"

Like Abraham, it is important to consider the facts, but that shouldn't be the focus.

In Taekwondo, part of the testing required for advancing to the next rank includes a board break.
This is often the most anxious portion of the testing as it is not subjective.  There isn't really much wiggle room.  As one approaches the higher rank, one has two tries.   If the board breaks, you pass... if the board does not, you will retest at a later date.

To prepare for the board break, we instruct the students to not focus on the board.  To not focus on stopping once you meet the obstacle in front of you.  You must kick through the board, not to the board.

I think the same thing applies in waiting...  The focus cannot be on what I am waiting for.  The focus really needs to be the goal... a deeper relationship with Christ.


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