Stopping at the Sign

Good morning... The weekend came and went to quickly and I find myself struggling to get started.

The topic of the chapter is that the beauty of this world, God's creation is not the endpoint.
The purpose of the beauty in this world is to point us to a greater, more magnificent beauty.

P.D. Tripp equated it to preparing for a vacation to Disney World and stopping at the first Disney World sign you see and having your vacation there.

As I read through the devotion and pondered its application this morning, I couldn't help to be reminded of a recent trip to Alyeska, Alaska.

What if I would have packed my gear, drove to the airport, flew in a plane for what seemed like a full day, landed in the airport and simply started taking pictures of all the signs and decorations of the Anchorage Airport.  Sure it was interesting, but it was not what I had prepared for.
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What if I jumped on the bus and stopped at the entrance to the resort where we were staying.
Again, some beautiful sites, but not what I had come a days travel to see.

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I would have missed out on so much more.   I would have missed out on the beauty of the landscape, the views from mountain tops, the excitement and adventure experienced.  Stopping here, I might as well open a brochure or view a post card. But I didn't stop here.

I geared up, jumped on a lift and took it to the highest point on the mountain I could reach.  I found what I believed the best view and captured it to remember the experience.   However, even with the beauty of the mountains and valleys in front of me, this is not meant to be the destination.
This too is just a sign.  A sign to point me to the creator. 

Even as much difference there is to seeing this picture here or in a postcard and experiencing the crispness and panoramic views of the mountains in real life... Infinitely more will be the difference when I experience the majesty and glory of God before me.

Just a reminder...  Don't stop at the signs... My destination awaits.


  1. Not stopping at the signs, but taking them in in all their beauty and wonder, as they point me to my final destination. Wonderful reflection, Ryan!

    1. Thanks Martha...looking forward to that final destination someday.

  2. Excellent take on his devotion Ryan. And excellent way to make me jealous! I better get off that ship at this sign before I manhandle you. :) As if I could anyway. I think you have brought out a very good point in this post. Don't stop at the sign; enjoy the adventure of the real thing.

    1. Thanks Bill, Definitely not trying to make you jealous... We were attending a class last night on parenting adult children... yes, we have reached that point. Somehow the topic of going to Alaska came up in which nearly have the class jokingly commented about leaving the responsibility of parenting adults and just head to Alaska...Amanda and I just sat quietly and smiled.


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