Two Words You Will Always Hear

I am wrapping up my time in chapter 9 this morning of  a SHELTER in the time OF STORM

My mind turned toward a difficult topic -- Abortion vs Adoption

I struggle with the decisions of some in our midst that believe a child can be tossed away through abortion. I understand that it may be an inconvenience at the time, but so are pets, so is work, so is life...There are some that would argue that we need to protect the unborn life of endangered animals in one sentence and yet argue that it is ok to take the life of an unborn child in the next.

I understand if you don't want to be a mother or father, I honestly believe that some shouldn't.
There a plenty of married couples out there on waiting list to adopt babies into their family that cannot conceive their own.

If you are considering abortion, please read this as a plea...
Not condemnation, not judgement, a heartfelt plea.

Please strongly consider adoption...
Please accept the 9 months of inconvenience to allow the life that is living within you to see the world and experience a family that truly wants to love the child you carry within you.  Please consider the joy you will bring to a family, the joy you will bring to a child.  Please give your baby the opportunity to live a life surrounded by love and affection.
So...How does this apply to chapter, my devotion...


The title of the chapter is "Two Words You Never Want to Hear"

These two words will never be muttered by our Father in Heaven.
Our Father in Heaven has eagerly adopted me into His family.
I had the opportunity to choose to be adopted by my Father in Heaven, but as soon as I was, I would never hear the words "GO AWAY"

In the midst of my struggles, my denials, my brokenness, my sin... My Father in Heaven loves me.
Not unlike a good father here on this earth that loves his own children, but my Father in Heaven is perfect.  No mistakes, no "bad days", no hurtful words, no betrayal, no rejection.

Two words that I will now always hear!



  1. Oh, Ryan, this is so beautifully expressed! Adoption, when someone doesn't want to have a child, is, in my mind, the only way to go. It frightens me no end that some legislatures have gone so far as to promote what can only be called infanticide. What is this country coming to, when it's more "humane" to save an endangered animal than it is to preserve a human life? An innocent child?
    All I can say is, God help us all!

    1. Thanks Martha, truly it is one thing I am struggling to get out of my mind right now... to be honest, I don't think I want it out of my mind. It saddens me, but the precious lives lost should not be forgotten and my hope and prayer is that the eyes of those in the middle of deciding would be opened and see the life they carry as a precious gift. --If not theirs, then another's.

  2. You will get not argument from me on either one. I love the biblical option of adoption both in the abortion case and especially in the case of my relationship to the Father.


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