New week, new chapter from a Shelter in the time Of Storm .

I'm on chapter 11 this week, "Inner Strength"

As I read through the chapter this morning, the primary theme that seems to be portrayed is that of waiting, specifically, waiting for God to move in a specific area of one's life.

I took the weekend off from my extra reading and such.  As difficult as it was, I kept my commitment of 30 minutes of treadmill for Saturday and Sunday and listening to a Billy Graham audio book.

The reason for the difficulty was an opportunity I had to take my daughter on a little trip.  The past number of years, I have taken my kids skiing to one of the "resorts" located in Indiana.  Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take one of my sons, however, my daughter had commitments that she did not want to break.  I hoped we could squeeze in another trip, but the weather and other commitments got in the way... Until this past weekend.  

The problem...Rain, Rain, and more Rain.  Also the warmer weather had closed one of the places we would have gone due to lack of snow.  We decided last minute after carefully watching the forecast to head north 4 hours into southern Michigan.

We headed north Friday night and arrived around 11:00 P.M.  The car ride was fantastic!  We talked for nearly 4 hours straight about all kinds of subjects and topics. My daughter will be turning 18 this week, so having an opportunity like this is far and few between.  

We skied on Saturday and left just before the rain hit and enjoyed our car ride home as well.  Though we were both a bit more tired... The conversations had longer pauses on the way home, it was still enjoyable.

How does this apply to the chapter and the devotion I read...

Both of us had been waiting... for different things, different reasons.   I had been waiting for an opportunity to have some 1 on 1 time with my daughter.  To be able to have a dialogue.   To not be interrupted by the day to day activities of life.  Just to be able to talk.  She had been waiting patiently to go skiing.  We could have possibly put it off until next winter, but I think the timing was perfect.

A closer location would not have provided the lengthy car ride and possibly could have had additional passengers.  I think it worked out perfectly.

I have to wonder how often I look at the "inconvenience"  of life and the distractions and interruptions and think to myself, this could go so much more quickly if we only did things differently.  Or perhaps waiting and hoping things would happen a certain way and when they don't, I get frustrated.  I need to remember that God's perfect timing can provide opportunities that I may not otherwise see.  I need to remember to wait for God's perfect timing and try not to push ahead to quickly.  I also need to remember when an opportunity presents, not to let it slide by with an excuse.

I pray for more opportunities like this with all my children.  Tiring weekend, but oh so worth it!


  1. Oh, yes, treasure those moments you have with your children; they grow up way too fast, and those times of one-on-one conversations create priceless memories for all.
    And I must agree, God's timing is always perfect, Ryan. I'm confident He will provide more time with all your kids for you to enjoy in the near future.

    1. Indeed, I treasure the moments... They are becoming fewer and fewer as they get older. I too am hopeful and confident I will continue to have these opportunities with all my kids. Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. I'm glad you took the weekend off from your extra reading to be with Aleyah. She will remember that a whole lot longer than you will remember what you read. Take advantage of those times my friend.


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