While I Wait


Waiting... Something that challenges me.  I am not a fan of lines, I am not a fan of being stuck in traffic. I am not a fan of sitting at the Dr's Office.  Waiting is difficult for me...

However, sometimes waiting is necessary.   As I read the devotional for the 3rd time this week, a paragraph stuck out to me more than it had the last 3 days...

Why is it that I have to wait on God?   I am not trying to be difficult or disrespectful, but God who is the creator of all things and is timeless has the power to do anything in an instant.  
He spoke the world into creation.  So why is it that I have to wait.

I think there are likely many reasons, however, as I try to think through this, I believe one primary reason is that he wants me to recognize the change that I need in my life.  P.D. Tripp described it this way...  
"The One on whom we wait is a dissatisfied Messiah."
My waiting is on Jesus?  What is he doing?
Tripp goes on to say that He will not quit until every promise he has made has been fully delivered.

What promise is that?
His work is to completely transform every one of His children.

This is a process... It takes time for me to recognize what I need to have changed in my life and then be willing to pursue those changes.   I may be a Christian, but that is just the starting point.  When I accepted Christ, that gave Christ permission to begin the process of change.  He is now allowed to use people and situations to change me.

What else is Jesus doing... He is defending me, loving me, convicting me, rebuking me, encouraging me and comforting me.  He is guiding me and supplying me for the work I am to be doing here and now.

He will not rest until the last bit of sin has been eradicated... Now that may come at my death in this life, but it will come.

So I will wait... but I am not passively waiting.  I may not be at my destination, but I am being transformed along the way.  I need to recognize that change is a process I need to learn to appreciate.


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