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The past two post have been around the influence I have on myself and the perspective I have of myself.  This morning I am going to focus on counseling myself.  I am not talking about leaving God out of the equation, though the graphic above may hint to that... That most certainly is not the case.
As a member of God's family, He has given me a counselor that lives within me at all times.
I would do well to listen to His counsel more.  The Spirit of the Creator of all things lives within me.
If that isn't enough to contemplate I don't know what is.

Having said that, I would do well to seek counsel with myself more often.  

P.D. Tripp highlights how David does this throughout Psalm 27.

David doesn't wear himself down in pity or despair, but actually quite the contrary. 
Despite David's circumstances of being chased down by His enemies, He has a heart to heart conversation with himself and God.

David reassures himself of God's faithfulness,. He describes the goodnesss of God.
He seeks to be taught by God.  He expects God's leading and protection.  He restores confidence in himself and God despite of the negative situation.  He seeks refuge from God, He looks toward to glory of God.  Even in rough circumstances, David makes shouts of joy, singing melodies to God.

As Tripp puts it... "Now that's good self-counsel! "

I need to remember this as I talk to myself today and beyond..


  1. I think it is okay to counsel yourself if you are honest AND remember (as you do) that God is in the process. I would do well to follow David's counsel as well. Making shouts of joy and singing melodies to God despite what may be a negative situation. Thanks for the challenge today Ryan.


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