Grace Song

I have been out of sorts this week and apologize if the posts have been distant and negative.
I found myself pondering my life and found that most set backs I have encountered have been self-induced.  Perhaps it was a project not completed.  Perhaps it was a book i started and stopped reading before reaching the end.  Perhaps relationships I allowed to become cold.  Maybe too much time spent on an activity where my time and resources would have been better spent elsewhere.
I could play the what if game all day long and conjure up a reality that would only be perfect in my mind.

I realize I cannot change the past.  I also know that in many cases there have been positive outcomes despite the initial hardship, heartache, and pain.  That is how I learn, that is how I grow.  There are times where you look at life and think things should be easier by now.  However, when things are easy and I am not challenged, I am probably not growing... I am probably coasting.

To be honest, I am not sure why I was so down this week.  I have allowed the enemy to creep in and twist my mind to think things should be better.  Not that they are bad, not that I have anything really negative going on right now... It simply goes back to my expectations in my little world that I would like to be king of.

I decided to give one final read of the devotion this morning from the chapter "Uber Music".
P.D. Tripp challenges the reader with writing our own song of grace... 
I struggled with writing a song but wrote a few lines... To be honest, the only song that kept coming to mind was Amazing Grace... Not sure I can top that one.

I didn't spend a lot of time, but did come up with the following:

Grace flow down from God on High
How much I need, How much I cry,
He knows my heart, my soul, my mind,
And yet He sent His son to die
To break me from the chains that bind
and bring me home when its my time.

Thank you for your prayers this week.  I ended up sleeping nearly 13 hours on Thursday after work.
Didn't feel well yesterday either, but feeling better this morning.
Have a great weekend.


  1. The words to the song are good. I could have written them (but obviously I am not as talented as you). :) Glad you are feeling better. I think sometimes our "down" is often tied to our exhaustion or sickness. As for our friendship, I know you are there if/when needed. Visa versa.

    1. Now if I can just put a tune to it, write a chorus and a few more verses, followed by another 20 or 30 songs, I could have a couple albums... or I can be thankful that God has given me another gift that I can use to support my family :)

      I think you are right... something seemed off from the beginning of the week... perhaps it was a combination of physical and spiritual.

      As for our friendship, I echo your words... I know you are and have been there when I needed it. - Thank you for your friendship!

    2. I love your poem, Ryan! Yes, I will keep you in prayer for a full return to health; the world always looks more difficult and overwhelming when we are either exhausted or not feeling well. God is with you!

    3. Thanks, I'll leave the true works of art to those like yourself. I appreciate the prayers... I am feeling much better today.


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