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A new week, another chapter in a SHELTER in the time OF STORM by P. D. Tripp.

This week I will be reading Chapter 14, "You're Talking to Yourself".

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I am sure everyone does it more than they would like to admit, however, I find it to be pretty natural and after reading the devotion this morning, I think I understand.

I decided to re-read Psalm 27 through again as Tripp states that David is actually talking to himself as he writes this Psalm.

Tripp points out that I may be my biggest influence.   I likely have more conversations with myself than any other individual or group combined.   I am constantly mulling things over in my head, talking out loud, working to convince myself of something just about every waking moment of the day.   --Then there is when I sleep.

This week I will be digging in and challenging myself to be more positive.  I am not talking about Self-Help or some internal strength or power... but rather doing exactly as David is doing. Reminding myself of my need for God in my life, His protection over my life, His direction for my life, and most importantly seeking God's Will in my life.

The other aspect of this is as I talk to myself throughout the day... I will continue to invite God into the conversation.  There is no reason why I can't expect the God of the universe to be able to carry on that conversation with me.

Have a great week!


  1. I think it is absolutely essential to invite God into my everyday, all day. To ask Him to do that sure changes things-what I say, think, and do. And to see how He wants to change my self-conversations is really important. I pray you have a very productive week talking to yourself.

    1. I can't disagree with it being an essential. My day goes so much better when I make God a part of it. There have been days where I have not... What some may call freedom from supernatural superstition , I call navigating life without a guide, compass, map, adequate supplies or protection.


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