Mercy Prayer

This morning I read chapter 16 from a SHELTER in the time OF STORM titled "Mercy Prayer"
I am using that as my post title because I think it is something that I need to remember more often.

The chapter is written as a poem of sorts and outlines my complete inability to bring anything to God, creator of the universe, maker of all, author of life, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

P.D. Tripp describes it well, I don't have a resume, wisdom, record of accomplishments or deeds, a birthright or record, perfect obedience, perfect love, perfect wisdom,  I simply bring myself... a broken vessel with all my flaws, with all my blemishes, with all my dirt.  I bring it before God and pray a prayer of mercy, that I would not get what I deserve.

I can be sure that I will not, but it is not what I have done, who I am, or what I bring... It is because what Jesus has already done.

I pray a prayer of mercy not only for myself, my wife, my children, my family... but specifically my friends, some who desperately need to see and feel the love and grace that God has for them.  For them to know that despite the current situation, which by human standards would rock anyone to the core, I pray that God reinforces their foundation and pours over them an overwhelming assurance of peace.  May He truly be their shelter in the time of this storm. 


  1. Thanks for the prayer Ryan. When one comes to end of himself/herself, it is amazing how "relevant" they find God to be. Not that He has been anywhere else. But desperate times leads us to lean on Him.

    1. As you said, desperate times leads us to lean on Him...


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