Missing the Trail Marker

I couldn't help to make a post about the possibility of missing a trail marker.
I will be honest, most "detours" from the path that God has laid out are intentional.  They are diversions of the heart, mind, and/or spirit that result in going a path that I was not being led to take.
They are blatant decisions of rebellion or a lack of patience that take me away from God and into the jungle of self.

However, there have been a time or two where simply missing the trail marker has occurred.  Perhaps it was ignorance on my part. Perhaps it was me being naive. Perhaps it was my immaturity.
I have wondered off the path a time or two, not out of disobedience, but because I was just not focused on God.  

The enemy can be tricky.  Probably one reason that God tells us not to journey the path alone.  It is important to stay close to the group as not to get lost or to miss the markers.   Surround yourself with others that can be made aware of the areas where you may stumble so they can point it out before you get there.   Tree roots, rocks, and logs have a tendency to trip me up if I am not careful.



  1. I confess to missing or misreading the trail marker from time to time. More than i care to admit actually. I think one of the greatest tools we have is what you have stated here: a group.

  2. It is more important than I would like to admit.


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