My Plea

Continuing in my reading this morning, I came across the turning point of the chapter.
From my lack to my plea.

Often the plea comes when I have reached the end of myself.   Why do I wait so long?  Why do I wait until I am in scraping the bottom of the barrel, at the end of my hope, or have dug a hole so deep I could never climb out of before asking for help.

Why is it that I think I can fix, turn-around, or save something on my own.  Even if I think I can, the strength, know how, and perseverance isn't coming from me.  The very oxygen that enters my lungs, the very breath that I take to pull it in, the small organ of the heart that circulates it through my body, and all doing this without me having to be aware it's actually happening. 

My lack, my inability, my dependency...  they lead to my plea.

My plea for God's mercy.


  1. Why is it that I think I can fix.... Excellent question which deserves an answer. Mine: I don't know why, especially when my track record is not so good.

    1. I have tried as well and try as I might... If I leave God out of the equation, things don't go well.


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