Reminding Myself

I decided to stay with a theme for my title as I continue reading the devotion this week.
This will come from an overall view of the the chapter I am reading.

I need to remind myself constantly who I am.  I need to constantly remind myself who I am not.
There is a healthy balance of not putting myself down and seeing myself as worthless vs putting myself on a pedestal and thinking I am better than what I am.

Talking to myself, influencing myself, viewing myself, and counseling myself all play a part in this balance.  Too far one way or the other is not healthy.  Viewing myself as nothing is not how God views me, so why should I view myself that way.  God sacrificed His son so that I could be saved... I would say that God has applied a significant amount of worth to me.

The flip side of this is thinking I am so good that I don't need God... In the same vein as above, if God needed to sacrifice His son for me, then I can't be that great.

It is about having a perspective of self that is balanced.  Seeing myself how God sees me, Loved, Valuable, but always in need of Him!

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  1. Excellent point Ryan. We can allow the pendulum to swing too much one way or the other. Both are dangerous. How to keep the honesty? That is the question.


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