Resting or Performing?

Resting or Performing?

P.D. Tripp provides two questions at then end of his chapter titled "Mercy Prayer"

I will touch on the first...

"Am I resting in God's mercy or still working to perform my way into His acceptance?"

I think it is a valid question deserving of a reasonable answer.

As I mentioned in the last two posts, there is nothing I can really bring to the table accept myself... a broken, beat up, scarred, and mangled vessel.  Just me...   I am not unblemished, I bring baggage, lots of it.  I bring my troubles, my pain, my heart ache before God and He....

He takes me in.  He accepts me... He loves me...

I need to remember that he accepted me as who I was and he accepts me as who I am.
He has made me His own.  He wants me to rest in his presence, not perform for the sake of acceptance.

Now I am not saying I should sit idle either, my desire to DO should come out of my love for God, just as my giving should.  Not out of duty, not out of responsibility, not out of requirement, but out of Love.

For this I am thankful, because if it were up to my performance... I would probably have already gotten the hook.


  1. Every once in a while I find myself reverting to my old ways of performance-not on others but myself. Then God has to remind me it is not about me and how "good" I think I should be. It is about Him and what He has done for me.

    1. How is it that message penetrated the hearts of Christians... that we have to "do good" in order to gain God's acceptance? No doubt God wants us to do as He has directed, but since the cross, it has never been for His acceptance... at least that is my understanding. You are right, it is about Him and what He has done for me.


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